Monday, May 7, 2012

I am combining three days of the blogger challenge to get caught up. Hopefully I don't get too behind from here.

The first topic of this post will be what I am afraid of. I only share this on the premise that no one will make fun of me because my biggest fear is birds. I have had two birds in my life fly directly at my head and they were terrifying moments. I go out of my way to keep birds out of my path and I run when they come near to me. My husband laughs as I quietly try to avoid birds at all cost. How can something so small and innocent be so terrifying?

The second topic for this post is my five senses right now.

Sight- We do not get a whole lot of natural light in our living room but we do have little picture windows that let in some sunlight. I see my cat trying to squeeze her long body into that small area that is soaked with sunshine. It's not working out too well for her. 

Taste- I want a pretzel!

Feel- I feel hungry! Almost time for some dinner!

Hear- I hear my neighbor cutting their grass!

Smell- I wish I could smell right now and that this cold was gone!

The third and final topic for this post is your pet hates. I didn't quite understand what this meant so I am going to write about something my beautiful cat Poppy hates. She hates it when I play music loud out of my computer. She runs over and then tries to bury her head so she doesn't have to listen to the music anymore. She is such a funny cat!


  1. I didn't know what pet hates was either! I had to look at the other blogs posting on the page to figure out what she meant. it's the British version of "pet peeves". silly british people.

    1. Well I guess I totally messed that one up. So now everyone knows what my cat hates, oh well!