Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 9 and 10

So I got caught up and then fell behind again. That's just how it goes in the Turner house!

Day 9: My Worst Habits
*I am really great at laundry until it comes to taking all the clothes from the laundry room to the bedroom (and did I mention they are right next to each other). I just end up leaving the clothes in there for a few days and going in the laundry room when I need something.

*I am a piler when it comes to paperwork like bills and some school work. I eventually get to the stack and work through it, filing what I need, trashing some things, but not before the pile gets big enough that it starts to annoy me. To help, I often hide the pile of paperwork on top of the file box in the closet. (Hey don't judge me! At least the rest of my house is clean!)

*I am one of the most forgetful people I know. Unless I make a note on a list, write it on my hand, etc. I will not remember the first time and maybe not the second. But much like the blog, the third time is most likely a charm.

Day 10: My Best Physical Feature
If I had to make a decision I guess I would say that my best physical feature are my eyes. They are a good size, a good color blue, they really stand out in pictures, and they really pop when I wear certain colors. Oh, and my husband tells me I make a great buggy eye face (still don't know how I feel about that one).

So my post tomorrow will be from the beach, hopefully with my toes in the water!

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