Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Challenge Day 11 and 12

Day 11: 15 of my favorite things
1. Reading- I love getting so involved in a new book/series that I feel like I can't put it down and I am a little sad when it is over. Just started a new book and I am so excited because I can see that it will be one of those books.
2. Food- Really anything to do with food I like. I like finding new recipes, I like cooking, and most of all I like eating.
3. Coffee- This is a fairly new favorite thing of mine, but up there on the list it is.
4. Popcorn- The only time I really love popcorn is when I am going to the movies or watching a movie at home, but in those moments I can't imagine not having it.
5. Target- It may be because I get 15% off on everything in the store, but they do have cute stuff so the percentage off is just a bonus. Love buying everything at Target.
6. Yard sales- a yard sale really is the best place to find unexpected treasure
7. Jeans
8. Wine
9. Poppy- my wonderful cat
10. A weekend off with my husband
11. Pinterest
12. Kirklands
13. Prek-ers
14. Cheese
15. Sleep

Day 12: What's in my fridge?
Well I am still on vacation in Amelia Island, therefore I cannot take a picture of my fridge! We are about to leave shortly to head back to reality. I can tell you some things I know are in my fridge:
- Salsa (delicious homemade salsa)
- Coffee creamer
- Salad dressings galore
- Milk
- So much lettuce from our first share in our vegetable co-op
- And LOTS of different cheeses!

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