Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day #8

Blog challenge day #8

I am caught up and I will attempt to stay that way through the rest of the month!

The topic today is what is in your handbag

With my purse right beside me, these are the things that I find in my purse:
1. My favorite wallet- it was kind of expensive and and indulgence to buy it, but I used my own birthday money so that is how I justified it
2. My sunglasses- I cannot go anywhere without my favorite pair of sunglasses
3. My camera- I need it to catch all those wonderful pre-k student moments when they do something funny, cute, or memorable
4. A pen and pencil- because you never know when you will need one
5. Lotion- I don't like it when my hands get dry
6. Chapstick- I like it even less when my lips start to crack
7. Allergy medicine- for this sickness that won't go away
8. Tylenol- for those occasional headaches that pop up when you work with 22 4 and 5 year olds
9. My ipod- because I use it to play all of my music at school
10. Trash- because we all know purses get junky and it is about time to clean it out

Until tomorrow!

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